Transferring contacts

  • How do I transfer the contacts from my old phone to new phone
  • I am showing no signal at my house, but I am on wi-fi, will I be able to make and receive calls?

Tell us about your old phone.

Yes, your situation is like mine. Very poor cell service at home. I have great WiFi, however, and am able to make and receive calls just fine.

How you transfer your contacts depends on where your contacts are stored (either on your old phone or in an online account (such as a Google account). It may also depend on what kind of phone your old one is, and what kind of phone your new one is. So, we’d need more information to answer your question.

If you have a Republic phone connected to a properly configured wifi you should be able to make and receive calls even without a cell signal.

Hi @brookef.dnwebc

It is always helpful to the community to know which phones you are referring to.

  1. That said, if you have your old phone signed into a Google account you can backup your contacts, pics, apps, calendar, etc., to your account. When you sign into that account on the new phone, that data can be migrated to the new device.

Backup your Android Smartphone

  1. Yes. WiFi calling/texting when no Cellular signal is available is RW’s core concept.

My old phone is an LG through verizon and my new phone is a moto g4 play, I think the contacts are just saved to the phone, not in a google account.

ok, so I just saved my contacts on my old phone to my google account and they are starting to show up on my new phone, thanks!

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