Transferring files from PC to MotoG


Can’t copy files from PC to MotoG. Phone is recognized, either by USB or Bluetooth. Bluetooth sometimes works very slowly but the USB produces a message saying “file can’t be copied, device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected.” I’ve read the other topics but can’t make it work.


Hi @nicholasl.zrm0oq,

For what it’s worth, my experience with Bluetooth file transfer is that it’s flakey at best. The USB error suggests a connectivity issue. Have you tried a different cable? Other possibilities are faulty USB ports. The phone only has one, however, it might be worthwhile trying a different USB port on the computer.


Thanks for your response. I was hoping to be able to download a book before I left on a long trip but will try when I return.


The source of the book is your computer? I ask because if its something you’re purchasing from an online store, it’s likely possible to download directly to your phone.