Transferring from Moto G to Moto G6 play

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My Moto G6 play is coming in the mail today. My new SIM card will be coming on Wednesday. Then I will need to 1) insert SIM card in new phone, 2) Turn on phone and switch phone number to the new phone and 3) transfer ■■■■ (contacts, photos, etc.) from old phone to new phone. Is this the right order? Will the Republic App on both phones do #2 and #3 for me? Thank You!

The republic app will do item 2 but not item 3.
Best way for #3 - if you use Google to sync up your contacts and photos…and you use the same Google ID on the new phone…then you will get them over to your new phone on the first sync.

You may find this useful

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Hi @robbiem,

Is the new G6 Play up and running? Were you able to get everything you wanted to moved from old to new phone?

Yes. Thanks to all who provided input.


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