Transferring from Republic to Visible - PIN issue!

I am trying to transfer from Republic to Visible but the PIN I gave the other company says it doesn’t work. I have tried updating my PIN and still doesn’t work. Please help!

Hi @cynthian.lvw8v6,

This article on porting (transferring) your Republic number can help:


If you’ve changed your PIN and it doesn’t work, this is nearly always a result of the line being assigned in the customer interface. In that case you’ll either need to sign-in with the email it is assigned to and set a PIN there or you’d need to UNassign the line following the directions here: and then it’ll use the primary account PIN.

Also be aware, having both done some transfers to Visible myself AND having helped a number of customers here attempting it there are some things you should be aware of.

  1. Visible often makes the transfer when you place the order, rather than when you activate the phone. This can leave you without service until the device or SIM arrives

  2. On the other end of the spectrum is them taking weeks, or longer, to complete number transfers.

Before starting the transfer I would suggest hopping on the Visible sub-reddit and reading up on the possible issues and how folks solve them. They just seem to be really bad at number transfers.

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