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It’s been two weeks since we attempted to transfer our service to another carrier. We made this decision because we no longer have any cell phone service in the closest town. We have never had cell service at our home. When the Wi-Fi used to go down we had to drive at least 5 miles for cell service now that doesn’t work. That’s why the transfer. First they said our pin was wrong now it’s ‘who knows what’? How can this be expedited? It clearly seems to be a lack of response from Republic. How do you even get help?

PIN to transfer phone number out incorrect

The “gaining” carrier is always in charge of number transfers. Check with your new carrier on the status, and ask them for the FOC date. That will be the date and time they request it to be ported.

Here is some information on porting: Anatomy of a Number Transfer


The instructions for transferring your number away from Republic Wireless are at:

If you tell us which carrier you wish to transfer to, we may have additional insight. You can get help directly from the Republic Wireless help team by submitting a help ticket:


I practically have anatomy of a number transfer memorized. That’s how I determined what I did about the phone assignment but still can’t get past the pin # error even after unassigning the phone. I am now the only phone on the account because my husband’s number eventually did transfer. The latest is this help ticket error message: Our servers are having issues right now. This issue should be resolved shortly. Please wait a moment and try again. That’s been since Saturday November 10th!


Hi @d65aaf73-73e3-4ff3-9,

I’ve corrected the database error that was causing the error message you were seeing when trying to create a Help Ticket. However, there’s not very much our Help agents can do in this situation.

When you are trying to port a number away from Republic Wireless, everything is automated. Our agents do not do anything manually to affect the success or failure of the request. The only thing they can really do is verify that the PIN you’ve provided your new carrier is the same PIN we have on the account.

If you’ve received an error message, you’ll need to cancel the original port request, update your account information in the RW account, and then submit a new port request with your new carrier. Asking them to cancel the one that resulted in an error is an important step that must not be overlooked.

Otherwise, the advice you were given above to ask your new carrier for the FOC date is how you are going to know when this port will be completed.

If you’d like me to save you the time of a Help Ticket, you may message me personally here by clicking my username and using the “Message” button, and I’ll be glad to verify the account information we have on file for you.


What phone do you have? Moto X

What plan are you on? Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No Data

For a month I’ve been trying to affect a # transfer to another carrier. After continuing to receive pin # errors I determined I must have been assigned as a user on the phone. My husband’s # eventually did port leaving me as the sole phone on the account. I have tried unassigning the number followed by changing my pin # and still receive the pin# error when attempting to port. If I try to reassign it to myself it doesn’t complete. I can’t open a Help ticket because (Our servers are having issues right now. This issue should be resolved shortly. Please wait a moment and try again.) That error has been present for nearly a week now. I despair that this #transfer will ever be accomplished! Any thoughts besides giving up my #?


You can open a ticket by emailing If you do so and let me know the ticket numbers I’ll let staff know how long you’ve been dealing with the issue to try and get their assistance ASAP.


Here’s my help ticket (#1523244) Thanks! Now I’m wondering if maybe the receiving carrier didn’t cancel the previous request and only resubmitted the original one? I’m at wits end!


Hi @d65aaf73-73e3-4ff3-9,

I’ve merged your two conversations in Community into a single topic so that we aren’t trying to help you in multiple places and overlapping one another’s efforts.


Sounds likely.


Thanks… I had difficulty finding my original until, of course I made the more recent one.

Here’s the latest: I think I identified the problem. I made a small back-end change that should allow the port to go through. But I want to make sure you have the correct PIN. Can you tell me what your PIN is and I’ll verify it for you? That way we’ll make sure all our bases are covered.


Thanks @d65aaf73-73e3-4ff3-9,

That’s the second time lately I’ve heard of an agent refer to a “small back end change” that affects porting. You let us know if it seems to help, and I’m going to try to find out what on earth they are talking about, because there’s not supposed to be anything on our end that affects porting out.


This evening I received news from the receiving carrier that the port is complete!

After the “small back end change” by Republic, the receiving carrier indicated that I would need a new SIM card which they provided free of charge. They then reactivated my new phone and submitted a new port request. That was Friday evening and this is Monday evening so 3 days and done.

The help ticket which resulted in the “small back end change” was a necessity. Thanks Republic Community for the support and guidance!


Ive done the same thing. I’m switching as well and they have apparently emailed you all and asking you for the verification on the number. Cause I am also using the same number and switching it over. Idk whats going on. Or how long it will take yall to give them the go on switching the number. Because currently my new phone is stuck on the activation stage


I’ve never heard of a carrier emailing for verification. Verification is done through inter-carrier systems that are used for all porting requests. As Republic isn’t the carrier, the number sits with Bandwidth and porting would actually be done from Bandwidth to your carrier (or your service provider’s carrier if they’re not a carrier themselves). Emailing Republic isn’t going to get things done.


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