Transferring my old number to my new phone

I want to transfer my number from a republic wireless account to my new republic wireless account after I have activate my new phone

Are you actually trying to move a number from one account to another or just from one phone to another, but on the same account? If the latter, you’ll make the selection during activation. All you’ll need to do is select “move” after signing in to the Republic App with the same credentials that your old phone is connected to.

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Hubby started a new account with his new phone on republic wireless. I’m trying to change his new phone number to the one he has with his old phone on our old republic wireless account. He did not know how to switch his old phone number over when he activated his new phone.

Trying to move a number from our old republic account to his new account on republic wireless with his new phone

Hi @markb.vbxw4m,

There’s no self-service way to move the number to the new account.

Does he necessarily want to keep the new account? If not the fastest solution is to cancel the new phone on the new account, and go through the activation process again, this time signing into the old account and selecting the number that he wants to move to the new phone during activation.


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