Transferring numbers & phone recommendation


Hi: With my wife, we’ve got two Republic phones and accounts (A – mine and B–hers). I want to buy a new phone ©, keep A’s number and give her that phone: transferring her B phone number to A and deactivating/discarding phone B. I’m not clear on the best sequence to do this and make sure nothing is deactivated such that I lose a chance for my old number for C and that she can transfer B’s number to A.

I pretty much see from similar questions this can be done I’m just not clear on the best order of battle… .

And, while I’m here, anyone have recommendations on the Moto G 4 vs. Moto G 5 Plus? I’m leaning towards the G5 plus 32GB. Any thoughts from anyone? Battery life is my only real requirement.

Many thanks!



Hi @gdurkee

Quick and simple answer first. Ready?

  1. Buy new phone ©. (new phones do not come attached with service)
  2. Activate new phone as a upgrade for A. This will deactivate A and move your number to the new phone ©.
  3. (Reset Phone A) Activate A as a upgrade for B. This will deactivate B and move the number to A.
  4. (Reset Phone B) Pass on phone B or discard.

Personally, I would go for the newer phone. With the quick phone release cycles, support from the manufacturer (Lenovo / Moto ) hasn’t been that strong. New phones have the newest software and features :slight_smile: but go with your budget too and the features you are looking for in the phone.


@happywillo0 – ah, perfect. I even understand it… . Thanks!


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