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I received the email last week stating that the number transfer was almost complete…then, a few days later, I received a pop up on my phone asking me to log into my Gmail. I couldn’t at the time, but when I went back I can no longer find the notification.

Is there a final step that I missed? If so, is there a place I can find it again?

There is a green box that says it is accepted, but the number below it still says it is the Republic number.

MotoE4, coming from Verizon.

It’s been 6 days since I requested.

Thanks in advance for the advice.


Hi @Scottd

Welcome to Republic!

To get straight to your question, a number transfer and logging into gmail should be unrelated items on your phone. The number transfer works on your Republic account and will process between Verizon and Republic. I can’t say for sure but you should be able to find the current status in the My account section of the website.

The gmail notification may be to set up your account for other phone activities if not already such as Gmail or the Google Play Store. You can also find your accounts in the settings app. If you are already logged in, I say you can wait till it appears next.

Since Republic Wireless is a wifi first service, some carriers recognize us as “landline” phones rather than cellular phones which means a slightly different system is used to transfer the number. This does take longer than the newer cell system.


Here’s how to check the status of your transfer:


The status said it was transferred…but my Republic phone still has the old number. Am i supposed to cancel my service with Verizon before it will transfer?


You should NOT cancel anything. Please open the dialer on your phone and enter *#*#8647#*#* If you have a Samsung you’ll need to hit the “call” button, on any other phone the screen should just clear. Once the screen has cleared, please restart the phone. Does that resolve the number issue?


It said it was accepted, but the Republic phone is still the same number.
Am I supposed to cancel my service with Verizon before it will transfer


Did you do what I mentioned in the post you responded to?


Unfortunately, no. It brought up the RW screens, but after turning off an on again, the number had not changed.

Thanks for trying to help, tho. Much appreciated!


I’m ttrying to understand, you entered *#*#8647#*#* in the dialer?


Hi @Scottd,

I’ve researched your account and your ticket history and I see that you have a ticket open on this question. Unfortunately, your ticket did not successfully transfer to our porting team late last week. I’ve made sure it is waiting for their attention as soon as they are back in the office Monday morning, and I will follow up with them Monday morning to be certain they get an answer to you about what has happened with your number transfer.

Please, absolutely do not cancel your service with Verizon. You will lose the number, rather than speed up the transfer.


Thank you so much! I appreciate you attention to this.

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