Transferring photos from Pixel 3a to my desk top computer

I was attempting to transfer photos from my Pixel 3a to my desktop computer ( Windows 10) and the photos didn’t open so I could see them. I have not had this issue in the past. Any ideas as to what to do?

Here is an Article on How to Transfer Data from a Motorola, Nexus, Pixel, or Alcatel Phone to a PC – Republic Help that may answer your question

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Thank you for the information.

I’m not sure what my problem is. When I click on ‘internal drive’ some of the photos open up but not all. My most recent photos don’t open.

Hi @debs.jwvpde,

I’m sorry no one followed up with you further on this. Have you been able to access the more recent photos?

If you visit on a computer, signing in with the same Google credentials on the phone, are your photos there?

Could you have possibly tapped the option in the Photos app that “saves space” by deleting photos from the phone after they’ve been backed up to the cloud? That would leave them in a state where you could still see them on the phone (in the Photos app) but the couputer would not see them in the “internal drive” folder, because they are no longer saved to the phone’s memory.

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