Transferring Republic Anywhere texts on PC

Hi, I need to somehow save/transfer/download/copy all the texts between me and another person that are on my PC in Republic Anywhere to a file so that I can pass them along to my attorney. I can’t figure out any way to do so. Does anyone know?

Here’s a help article for Saving And/Or Copying Specific Text Threads from Republic Anywhere for the Computer:


Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for the information. My attorney wants me to transfer the data directly as opposed to copying and pasting, which this article instructs how to do. Do you know if there’s another option to download/save/transfer texts from the Republic Anywhere app on my PC? Perhaps with all of the texts on it even if there isn’t a way to do so with just one text thread?

I’m unaware of any other method. There are backup and restore apps, and other apps that may allow for downloading the messages. Your attorney should be able to guide you through this without your having to do all the legwork.

Thank you. Yeah, I used a third party backup app for downloading the texts off of my phone, but I don’t see any way to use it for texts that are already on my computer. Their IT person doesn’t have any familiarity with Republic Anywhere, so I said I would ask. Thanks for responding!

Hi @evelyna.dgqoix,

There is no function built into Anywhere for transferring texts from your PC to another device. You might ask your legal counsel whether using a screen recording app to record as you scroll slowly through the messages would suffice.

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Ok, thanks so much for responding!

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