Transferring service from one Republic Wireless phone to another



My first RW phone got a severely cracked screen but still works. After looking up rates for screen repair, I decided I’d rather just spend a little extra and get a new RW phone - still way cheaper than all the major carriers (RW rocks).

I went on the website, picked out a new phone, purchased. But it never really gave me the option to say “Will transfer existing plan to this phone.” It just asked what kind of plan I wanted, so i selected the plan I already have (1G).

Q1: Should I deactivate phone 1 and then activate phone 2?
Q2: Should I just transfer the SIM card to the new phone?
Q3: Is RW expecting me to open a new line on this new phone (Since I did select a plan when I bought it)?



Have you read this; How To Change Phones and Keep Your Number – Republic Help


Now I have! Questions answered, thanks Sean.


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