Transferring service, seeking phone advice

I’m looking to transfer from verizon to republic wireless. I have had iPhones for years. I recently ordered a Moto G power from amazon but I didn’t look closely at the specifications and it was larger than I anticipated. I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for a smaller sized phone, either the same size as iPhone or smaller.

Hi @MichaelEC and welcome to the Community!

The current trend in Androids (and iPhones) is larger screens and, therefore, larger phones. That said, may we know the model of your iPhone?

Is there anything else important to you in a phone other than size?

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It’s an iPhone X. Storage is somewhat important because I have a lot of music on my phone. I typically have about 15 or so apps on it. Don’t do gaming.

Here is an article in Tips & Tricks (user created/updated, documentation) that provides the size and other key information on all the sold or supported by Republic phones


You may want to let us know what your ZIP code is unless you’re already certain RW and the T-Mobile/Sprint network is a good fit for your location.

Ability to add/use MicroSD cards for additional storage is one of the large advantages to Android phones.


Thanks so much for the information, Jben and PlaneTherapist! Very helpful. I have friends in my city who already use RW and they have had good signal where we’re located.

Because Republic has two different carrier partners, and there’s no guarantee your phone and theirs are on the same partner, their coverage and your coverage may not be the same. That’s why your ZIP code was asked for so that we could evaluate the partners.

Okay. 54701

I’m looking to switch from RW because the network coverage in my zip (54494) is not great. [redacted]

Hi @reginac.ub1xyp and welcome to the Community!

I’m confident you’re unaware of it, however, Republic does ask that potential exchanges of phones not be discussed in public areas of the Community. You may have the conversation privately via direct message, if @MichaelEC is amenable.

Something else you may or may not be aware of is Republic offers more than one coverage option in your area. Please allow me to provide some context on that.

Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is the now T-Mobile owned Sprint. Cellular coverage is provisioned with one network or the other not both simultaneously.

To determine if a switch of provisioned coverage would improve the coverage experience, we need to know which network partner, your Moto X4 is currently provisioned with. Here’s how to find out:

Please let us know if you see GSM or CDMA as the SIM type.

Thank you rolandh. I am aware of the potential exchanges scenario but had to start it somehow.
I will have to reply later on the network question when my wife returns home later this evening and I can check it… thanks again.

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rolandh - the network that our X4 uses is CDMA-1xRTT. Please let me know if there’s potential for improved coverage. Thank you.

I’m not Roland, but I’ve looked over the coverage options and believe that you have the best cellular coverage Republic Wireless can provide at this time. The area you live in is primarily serviced by AT&T, US Cellular, Verizon, and Sprint. Republic’s GSM carrier (T-Mobile) wouldn’t seem to be a better fit than what you already have (Republic CDMA, which is Sprint).

According to Sprint’s coverage map, you should be seeing LTE coverage on Sprint’s network in the zip code you referenced earlier. The map I’m using is linked here: Without telling us what it is, what does the map show for expected coverage if you enter your home address?

Otherwise, I would agree with @cbwahlstrom that CDMA coverage on Sprint’s network is the best Republic is able to provide. Candidly, I was expecting to find your Republic activated Moto X4 to be provisioned with GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage, which isn’t good in your area.

I’ll also mention your Moto X4 is factory unlocked. If you’re not looking to replace the phone itself, there’s nothing precluding its use with a service provider other than Republic.

rolandh and cbwalhstrom, Thank you! I should have looked into this sooner. I will check on the possibility of bringing this X4 device to a different service provider.

MichaelEC - I’ll circle back if things don’t pan out like I hope; should know for certain in a day or two.

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