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What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus, Moto G5 Plus, and Moto G3

What plan are you on? My Chioce + 1GB (X2) and Republic Refund 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB data each

Issue Description

Help ticket #1444815

My cell phone service is a problem at work. I have to be careful about were I am in the building, and sometimes still have choppy calls or drop them entirely. Since my employer is picking up half my cell phone bill, that’s an especially bad problem to have. Independent studies suggest AT&T and Verizon are the carriers with the best coverage in Kansas. I am currently trying to switch the phone numbers I have with Republic to AT&T. (Trying to set this up so that a transfer is possible once I get SIM cards from AT&T.) AT&T reps say they can’t set this up, even though I have given them all the relevant info. They were given the phone number■■■■for me to call to pursue this with Republic. However, this isn’t a direct line to anyone affiliated with Republic Wireless, but a Google number with a number of options, none of which mention Republic, and most of which simply refer me to a Google website or hang up on me.

I was going to switch 2 lines, but would now like to switch all 3. ATT says I need to “unlock” my number and that my PIN isn’t matching. I then went into my Republic account and changed the PIN to what I thought it was. Still no luck. Can someone please tell me how to do this transfer?

PS. Created this help ticket about 28 hours ago. No response so far.

Here is some info that may be of use:

My guess is the wrong PIN for a port may have flag the number as a false port risk and you may need to deal with Republic porting specialist (creating the ticket was the right thing to do )
have you check your account portal to see if any response to your ticket (Tickets | Republic Wireless) (some times email loses these to spam filters)
if there really is no response to the ticket please post the ticket number and I or one of the other Ambassadors will flag it for a Republic support followup (though I will point out Porting experts work M-F standard business hours)

Hi @scottj.eqohsu,

AT&T thinks your Republic number is a Google Voice number. Please see this Republic Help Center article: AT&T Says My Number Is with Google Voice When Transferring from Republic Wireless – Republic Help. You need to convince them otherwise. Unfortunately, Republic may not be able to help with that.

Some background; both Republic and Google Voice house numbers with the same carrier ( Google Voice numbers are locked until unlocked. Republic numbers are not. All Republic requires is that you supply AT&T with the appropriate account number and PIN. Perhaps, if you show the article I referenced to the AT&T representative you’re working with they’ll get it. Otherwise, please ask to speak with someone who knows what they’re doing (a/k/a a porting specialist) at AT&T.


Thank you all for your help! I think between you, Republic (yes, they responded to my help ticket!), and now ATT, we’ve got this figured out.


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