Transferring text messages from a phone about to be disconnected to an active phone


My husband recently passed away and I am going to deactivate his phone. It would mean so much if I could save or transfer his text messages from his phone to either mine or a cloud somewhere.

Any suggestions. Thanks.


my condolences on your husband,

a SMS backup app would be the best way to save these

as an added note even if the phone is deactivated and you don’t factory reset you can still access the messages as if the phone was a mini-tablet

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Thank you for the condolences and suggestion.

Are the backed up copies legible?

A sms backup I used in the past do not save copies that can be read. Just a bunch of words running along the file. Make sense?
Example: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<smses count=“1333” backup_set=“438cb941-f187-4f6b-82e5-ae790ea581f9”

Also do I put the app on his phone or on the desk top and connect his phone to the app that way.


the backup file itself is not user readable (it’s compressed to save space) the idea is to also use the restore function to put it on another device (while saving the backup file to use later on if needed.)

the app needs to be installed on the phone and on the device that the text will be save (restored) to

I believe that SyncTech provides a way to view the backup files you download to your pc via their web site. Please see this link –

Have not used this in a while, but it’s worth trying.

And yes, @joker_1 my condolences also for the loss of your husband.

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Hello again. I put the SMS app on the phone but when I try to put it on my desktop I get a message that it is already installed on the phone.

I did visit the syntech website and the files restored beautifully.

thanks again

accessing the google play store from a desktop web browser will allow one to push a app to a phone

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