Transferring # to T-mobile. How to?


Did a search, but didn’t find specifics. So if I’m switching to T-mobile and want to transfer my existing Republic phone number to them, is there a how-to somewhere? I mean, other than my number, does anyone know what T-mobile would need to get the transfer done? Thanks.

(Just FYI, the 55+ unlimited that T-mobile has is a better fit for us now. My son is staying w/ Republic.)


T-Mobile should provide you with what they need. They are the ones that will do the transfer. Basically you will need your phone number(account number) and the Account PIN (different than voicemail PIN) you have in your account portal.


When porting out of Republic your account number is your phone number without the dashes, and your PIN you must set yourself in your account (directions at the link below).

You can read more about porting out here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help


Got it, thanks for the direction. Ummm… another dumb question… since I have two phones/numbers with Republic and will be transferring them both out, does each phone number count as an ‘account’ for transferring purposes? And then is the same PIN used for both? I’m assuming the same PIN for both as I don’t see an entry for multiples, but just confirming.

And my family isn’t leaving Republic entirely, my son will still be with them, it’s just that the T-mobile plan fits us old folks better (at least for now). I mention this because the community has been so helpful and I really appreciate it!



As long as the numbers aren’t assigned to a user, then yes, the same PIN. If the number is assigned to a user, then that user will need to login and set the PIN for their line (or you can unassign the line).

Glad to hear that you found something that fits you well. Be sure and keep Republic in mind in the future should the plans or your needs change!


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