Transferring Verizon number to Republic

I have read the number transfer process and have all of the info. needed to complete the process ! I can not find the (‘Manage Service Lines Page’) ? OR the necessary page to complete the number transfer !!!

Can any body help me PLEASE ?

Thank You !!


Hi @johnl.nr46a6

This document should help,

Number Transfers


If doing this from your phone using the RW app you must go to settings (gear symbol upper RH), manage my account, login and your phone will be listed with a drop down menu including option for transfers. You can also login into your account using a web browser and do the same. Good luck and thank you.

Hi @johnl.nr46a6,

In this case, Republic’s documentation may be the source of your confusion. “Manage Service Lines” has been changed to “Your Phones”. Please try the following:

  1. Start here: Phones | Republic Wireless.
  2. Click the green “I Want To…” bar.
  3. Click “Transfer My Number”
  4. Follow the prompts.
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