Transferring Your RingPlus Number to Republic


Welcome to Republic Wireless! Transferring your RingPlus number to Republic is reasonably straightforward. Here’s how:

I suggest starting by making sure your RingPlus number will transfer. You may do so here.

Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Type your RingPlus number into the white box.
  • Click the blue box with the white check mark.

This is the result you’re looking for:

Presuming the number you wish to transfer passes the number check tool and you haven’t already done so, please proceed to purchase your Republic phone (or your SIM card if you own a supported phone) by clicking “Begin By Selecting a Phone”. In order to transfer your number, you need an active Republic phone to transfer it to. Republic will assign a temporary number that will be replaced upon successful transfer of your RingPlus number.

If you see the following; I’m sorry to say due to telecom industry rules and regulations regarding the location of your number, Republic is unable to transfer it. Republic would be most happy to provide you a new number.

  • Gathering Needed Information from RingPlus
  • Bringing Your Number to Republic

Gathering Needed Information from RingPlus

With the migration of RingPlus numbers to Ting now complete, please know you are not obligated to keep your service or your number with Ting. Please start here, then complete the following to obtain information needed to transfer your RingPlus number(s) from Ting:

  1. Enter the email address associated with your RingPlus account. If you used a social media account (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter) to sign in at RingPlus, please use the email address associated with your social media account.
  2. Enter any RingPlus number migrated to Ting. Ting asks for the “primary” number on your RingPlus account but any RingPlus number will do.
  3. Enter the MEID for your device. MEIDs can be obtained from most smartphones by dialing *#06#.
  4. Click “I do not agree to the Terms of Service. I would like to port out my number.”
  5. Ting will provide the information needed to transfer your number(s) out.
  6. If you’ve already accepted Ting’s Terms of Service; please use this guidance from Ting to gather the information needed to bring your number to Republic Wireless.
  7. Proceed here.

Proceed to RingPlus Mobile.

  • Click Sign In:

  • Select your preferred sign in method:

  • Click your RingPlus phone.

  • Click Manage Device.

  • Note your phone’s six-digit MSL. This is your transfer out PIN. Your RingPlus account number is the 10-digit number being transferred. Use only the numbers, no dashes.

Bringing Your Number to Republic

Now that we’ve gathered the needed information, let’s proceed to make the transfer request. This is done in your Republic Wireless Account Portal.

There are four steps to completing your number transfer request.

  • You’ll repeat the number check:

  • You’ll add provider details for RingPlus. Your RingPlus account number is the 10-digit number being transferred. Your PIN is your phone’s previously noted MSL, that 6-digit number from your Ring Plus account.

  • Next up is RingPlus billing information. Provide the billing address for the credit or debit card associated with your RingPlus account.

  • Finally, review the information submitted, agree to Republic’s Terms and Conditions for the transfer, then confirm your transfer request by typing in the number you wish to transfer one final time.

You will receive email updates from Republic as your number transfer request progresses. You may also track the status of your number transfer in your Republic Wireless Account Portal.

Once again, on behalf of Republic’s Community, welcome! We’re very happy to have you here as a new member!


Nice tutorial, but in about a week or so it will be obsolete. The recommended action now (from both R+ and Ting) is to wait until your number is auto-ported to Ting, and then, if you wish, port out from Ting to Republic (or any other provider). The reason cited is that RingPlus uses a fairly crude manual porting process, which, combined with all the panic-porting induced by the impending closure of R+, is likely to cause lots of delays.

Ting claims to have a streamlined automated porting process that is quick and scales well, and has assured R+ customers that while all R+ accounts are being automatically ported to Ting, they will absolutely not insist that you stay and will be happy to assist subscribers in porting to whatever provider they prefer.


Thanks for the kind words!

True, likely at some point next week when the forthcoming mass migration to Ting takes place, part of the blog will no longer apply. In fact, I’ve already noted that here:….

For what it’s worth, RingPlus says they’ve instituted a new automated porting process:

My personal experience follows:

  1. Transfer request submitted to Republic 2/7/17 at 6:00 PM EST.
  2. Notified by Republic on 2/8/17 at 6:45 PM EST that RingPlus had validated needed information.
  3. Transfer completed and former RingPlus number on my Republic phone at 7:00 PM EST on 2/8/17.

I hadn’t intended to rescue my RingPlus number. It’s always been a throwaway for me but I wanted to validate what I wrote. Based on that experience I don’t think one need wait for the migration to Ting before porting out to Republic. Ting is a reputable operator with a fine reputation for customer service. I’ve no doubt they’ll do their best to assist those who wish to port out, however, their focus understandably will be on settling those who wish to stay. For those wanting to transfer to Republic, I think before or after the migration to Ting will work equally well.


Good to know your porting was smooth and fast. I also have no attachment to my RingPlus number. Mostly it was just a way to play with an ancient Evo 4g (Wimax) and in case I needed an extra “clean” phone number (that has never been associated with Google nor Republic) for testing purposes.

Slightly off-topic, that original Evo 4g was quite advanced for its time, especially with its high screen resolution and HDMI output (would be useful for streaming video to the big screen on an unlimited account – maybe that’s why phones don’t include HDMI out anymore).