TrapCall - Does it work with Republic?



Does anybody have any experience with TrapCall app?

It requires Conditional Call Forwarding & I’m still waiting for RW to give a yes or no.

Anybody succeeded or failed using TrapCall with Republic?


Voice Mail - Turn On/Off/Disable/Block Straight to Voice Mail

I answered your ticket. Hopefully, others here can give their experience since we have none.


Thanks Sean. Your response was helpful! My forum post was put up before you responded.


this will be the sticking point and why Trapcall will not work on Republic
the only call forwarding Republic supports is voicemail forwarding where after the call ring as normal and then if one does not answer it sends it to another number


Isn’t Republic’s voicemail forwarding essentially conditional call forwarding? Conditional call forwarding is defined as:

  • Forward when busy
  • Forward when unanswered
  • Forward when unreachable

Republic’s voicemail forwarding does all of those things. A quick perusal of TrapCall’s website suggests at least parts of the service should, in theory, work. Unmasking the call is achieved by sending the call to TrapCall (presumably a toll-free number so that the caller’s ANI is accessed. ANI unlike Caller ID cannot be blocked. It’s available to toll-free number subscribers based on the the fact that the receiving party pays for a toll-free call. That said, I’ve not tested nor do I have any experience with TrapCall.


Roland -
Your post makes sense, but who knows what evil lurks in the details? :slight_smile:

I’ll reach out to TrapCall and see if they know for sure whether it works with RW.



You did note the “in theory”. :relaxed: Theory and reality do turn out to be different from time to time.

I’m interested to know the outcome. I lack the time to test for myself right now.

You’re most welcome!


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