Trash can is missing from messaging

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Moto g6
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Phone text 1 gig data
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Issue Description

I can forward photos I have received via text, but can not send photos from my photo gallery

Within Messaging, my trash can is gone for deletion of texts. It’s a pain to hit those three little Dot’s, then the word delete, then delete again.

How do I get my trash can back?

@lynnb.kjagge on my G6 the trash can does not show up in Google Messages until you do a long press on the text you want to delete. Then it pops up in the upper right corner. You can delete individual messages or the complete message thread using the same technique.

Is this what you’re having trouble with?

I ask because you also said “I can forward photos I have received via text, but can not send photos from my photo gallery.” Are you having two problems? One a missing trash can in Google Messages and the other a problem sending photos from Google Photos?

The photo issue has been resolved. That was an old thread I didn’t overwrite.

The click and hold (long press) does not bring up the trashcan. What actually comes up is a “save” icon (floppy disk) and of course there’s the option of the three dots, delete, delete.

Kinda a pain, when one key stroke used to do it.

Have to ask, are you running the latest version of Google Messages?

I’m running Google Messages Ver 4.6.375 on Android Pie.

Will check! Just did a software update today, so, probably?

Thanks for your help!

@lynnb.kjagge - I always like to try the simple things first :relaxed: If everything is updated it might be worth a restart using the power button.

Motorola also recommends a Soft Reset for some issues. You can perform a force restart by pressing and holding the Power button for 10 - 20 seconds, the device will restart and go through the boot-up sequence.

Note: The forced restart or reboot will not delete any data on your phone.

Hopefully we’ll find that pesky trash can!

Lol! Will try. That latest version is what’s on the phone.

Well, a reboot got rid of the save icon. Now still no trash can, but a “team of paper” icon, which I don’t even know what that is.

Oh, well.

Maybe it’ll resolve with the update.


@lynnb.kjagge - you have me scratching my head :thinking: I also don’t know what a “team of paper” icon is. Must admit that we keep a very “plain vanilla” phone with just a handful of third party apps.

Wondering if it would be worth trying restarting the phone in Safe Mode. Safe mode can help track a problem down if it’s caused by a third-party app. When you boot your phone into safe mode, it doesn’t run any third-party apps installed.

Here’s a guide from RW about how to enable safe mode –

It’s quick, easy and doesn’t make any permanent changes to your system. Not trying to send you down the rabbit hole, just trying some simple steps to help isolate the problem.

Some other RW Ambassador or Expert might jump in with some suggestions too! Maybe they have seen the “team of paper” icon?

I think it might have been a typo for a ream of paper, which may be the copy icon.

A screenshot would certainly be worth 1000 or more words, here.

It might also be worthwhile to make sure everyone is talking about the same app. I notice @lynnb.kjagge mentions the “messaging” app, while @freddyp, you are talking about the Messages app by Google.

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@southpaw - thanks for jumping in and noting the difference in terminology. We might indeed be talking past each other. And we all know that troubleshooting two different apps thinking they are the same never works out well :crazy_face: Let’s see where we go…


“Ream” of paper. Kinda a couple sheets of paper offset from each other. Maybe that archives texts? I don’t know.

The only third party app on the phone is AccuWeather. The rest came with the phone.

Don’t worry about it. You’ve been more than generous with your time!


@lynnb.kjagge - the Community is here to try and help resolve issues. If you want to continue troubleshooting we’ll start by confirming that we’re talking about the same app ( as suggested by @southpaw ) and maybe you can post a screenshot.

If your G6 upgraded to Pie you will find that taking a screenshot is now really easy. All you have to do is go to the screen you want to take a shot of, press and hold the power button until the power menu pops up, then tap the “Screenshot” option. It’s that easy.

If you’re experiencing this problem others might be too. And if we find a fix it will be shared to help everyone.

Ok, when scrolling thru texts, the telephone icon is in the upper right corner, along with the three dots. with a long press, and the “save / floppy disk” icon is displayed. No garbage can. The “copy / ream of paper” isn’t appearing any longer.

The phone is not upgraded to pie. It’s actually my husbands phone.

On my phone, also a g6, when scrolling thru texts, the phone icon is displayed. After a long press, the copy icon and garbage can appear.

Both our phones were sent whatever updates were pushed out today, we both have the latest version of messenger, so I’m just puzzled why they are behaving differently.

If anyone knows an easy explanation, fine, and if not, also fine. An extra key stroke is just needed on his phone for text cleanups!

@lynnb.kjagge - Sorry for delay in getting back to you. I’m reaching the end of my troubleshooting expertise. There is one thing that I can think of to try. You can’t uninstall Google Messages but you can uninstall the updates and see if the older original version works. If so, you could then try updating the Google Messages app again. Maybe the update did not install correctly.

The following is from my phone which is running PIE. Labels might be a little different on yours if it has not upgraded to PIE. This should get you in the right area.

Settings>Apps & Notifications>Messages>three dots>Uninstall updates

We have two G6’s and I can’t duplicate the problem you’re seeing. Understand the frustration. Should not have to put up with the need for an extra key stroke for text cleanups. If this doesn’t correct the problem, we can still hope that someone else will see this thread and offer a solution!

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I just took my Moto X4 through the following test cycle to verify what I see

  1. Pre conditions :messages: Google Messages at latest level (Ver 4.6.375 on Android Pie 9.0)
  2. Sent/Received a couple of fresh threads from non RW phones to DUT (Device under Test)
    • Long press on either the initial send or response and the Trash Can appeared (top right, just left of :dots: and the delete process completed properly
    • Long press on any individual segment gave same results
  3. Using Google Play, removed the updates to the Google Messages app and then power cycled the phone
  4. Repeated step 2 and Results were the same as in step 2

Were you able to work through the problem with what was provided?

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