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Travelling to Italy in 3 weeks. What are the options with a republic wireless device? I am not concerned so much with calls but will I be able to use WIFI, my downloads, my camera, podcasts/music?

Hi @cheleh and welcome back to the Member Community. Here is an item from the Tips & Tricks section that might help you with International travel.

One of the first links in the article has RW’s official word on International service.

Make sure you scroll down to the Traveling Internationally section. There are tabs with summaries about what you can do regarding calling, messaging and data.

@louisdi gave a great summary (below) to another person traveling to Iceland. The information should also apply to your travels.

Shared this because it sounds like you probably aren’t worried about purchasing a SIM for local calling in Italy.

Hope this helps!


Yes, you can use the phone while on WiFi…just the way you would over here.
Since you will not have cellular service…best option is to put the phone in airplane mode and then turn on WiFi…that will help you save battery life.

Public WiFi is plentiful and easily accessible all over Italy…so you should have good connectivity wherever you go… have a great trip!

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Does this mean that i can buy local sim card and insert it in my phone, and then i will be able to use the phone overseas like in Korea and Japan, or in England? I am not sure if my phone is factory unlocked, if it is not unlocked, can I take it to a store in the US and unlock it?

Hi @youngtaes.bxbxni and welcome to the Member Community. If you share a little more information about your phone there might be some members that can provide helpful answers to your questions. What phone do you have?

I have second generation Moto

I think i have moto rola Second generation.

if it is indeed a second Gen Moto (Moto X 2nd Gen or Moto E 2nd Gen) then it’s a legacy Phone with a Custom ROM, and will NOT work on any other service but Republic. (other Legacy phones include the 1st Gen Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, 3rd Gen Moto G and the Motorola Defy)

Which phones are compatible with Republic Wireless that i can use overseas by changing sim card? Do i have to buy these phones thru Republic Wireless only?

Hi @youngtaes.bxbxni - Suggest you read the following document on how to find a compatible unlocked phone. It sure helped us when we started the search to replace our old Moto G1 legacy phones.

Please make sure you follow the links in the third paragraph of the document. Lots of good information in those links, especially the list of supported phones

There is a wide variety of compatible phones, especially when you include the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) devices. You do not have to buy the phone from RW only but you do need to make sure whatever you buy is a model that is fully compatible. There are advantages of buying direct from RW. You know the phone will be compatible and it will come with an RW SIM. If you buy elsewhere you will need to buy an RW SIM either from RW or on Amazon.

If you have a legacy phone you probably have CDMA coverage. If you share your zip code (only) others can help verify if CDMA or GSM will give you the best coverage. This will help your buying decision.

Other Community members might have more specific phone recommendations. I hate to make individual recommendations because everyone has different needs from their devices. If you have had good luck with Motorola you might find it easiest to stick with the Motorola line just for familiarity.

Once you make a choice you can come back here and others can help make sure what you plan to buy will be RW compatible and has the ability to support a SIM for overseas use.

This is a lot if information but it will help you get started on your search for a new phone.

Thank you Freddyp. I will read the document soon. So far, i have been happy with X2 G of Motorola fir domestic use, but need something that works overseas. I will read up on the document you sent.

Oh my zip code is 73013 for now.

Here’s another document to look at. You might want to consider a phone that is both GSM and CDMA compatible if you’re planning to move. Especially if do not know where you’re moving to at this time. That would allow you to switch to CDMA if necessary.

Hope this helps!

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