Travel to Costa Rica with Moto G3


I gather that Republic Wireless doesn’t have “cell” service overseas, but that things should function as normal so long as there’s a WiFi connection.

My question is, do I need to do anything (like disable or limit cell data) to avoid international roaming charges, or, since Republic doesn’t offer cell service there, just not worry about it in the slightest?

I’m still haunted by some of the horror stories of people facing massive bills after blithely walking around and making calls on their cells phones while traveling. (other carriers)



Hi @Otto,

You have nothing to worry about regarding being charged extra for cellular service of any kind outside the U.S. because, as you note, Republic offers no cellular service outside the U.S. Some additional detail here:



Many thanks. That was my impression, but I feel way better knowing that someone with more RW knowledge thinks so too.

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