Travel to Europe with Moto G

I have a Moto G bought through Republic a few years ago. I think it’s first gen (Moto G Android 5.1). Will my phone work in England, France, and Spain? From what I’ve read, it’s “only on WIFI”.

  1. Does that mean I can call and text to US over WhatsApp?

  2. I hear I can get a local SIM. Will that work with this phone?

  3. If I go WIFI only, is there a way to turn off cell data? Would like to avoid battery usage and any additional charges from Republic.

My goal would be to use the phone to get around (Google Maps) and potentially make local calls (in whichever country I’m in). Really, it’s the maps and navigation (train schedules, etc.) that I would like to have.

Hi @tylerd.srdhun,

  1. Yes, but no need to use WhatsApp. When attached to WiFi, your phone works exactly as it does when connected to WiFi at home.
  2. Not with your phone.
  3. No need to turn off cell data, if on the WiFi only plan. You should turn off the cell radio by engaging Airplane mode, then manually reenabling WiFi.

More details here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

Thank you. To clarify, my plan is for 3G cell data, call, text. I was going to keep it the same (not WiFi only) due to the billing cycles. I have tried to turn off cell data before but it never stays off on this phone. It stays on for Republic services.

For Europe, I will keep it in airplane mode then enable WiFi. Time to break out the paper maps.

if you have the Republic 1.0 plan with 3G data I would recommend downgrading to the WiFi only during the trip (no need to wait for billing cycle as you are allowed 2 changes per billing cycle (one to change and anther to change back)

unless your part of the anywhere beta you may lose text when you phone is not on WiFi

From your plan description, it sounds like you are the 1.0 plan and so you don’t have to wait till the end of your billing cycle

to change your plan down to the WiFi only plan.

You can also look into apps that allow you to download offline maps such as

HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS - Android Apps on Google Play

Maybe this is a dumb question but here goes. If Republic phones do not work on the cellphone networks in Europe, what is the point of using airplane mode to conserve data?

Also, the question about a sim card was not answered. Is there an option to buy a sim card to use in Europe?

this is not to save data but to save battery life as the phone will waste power searching for a compatible tower that doesn’t exist

the Legacy phones will not work with local SIMs if the Phone one of the newer Phones then this is an option

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