Travel to Mexico

I’m traveling to Mexico for a week in December, will my phone work.

There will be no cell service anywhere outside US. You will have the same service on wifi, as you do at home. Meaning, you can call/text the US/Canada, but not local numbers while on wifi. There will be no usable emergency calling while there. (If you made an emergency call it would be routed over wifi to a US dispatch center based on your e911 address).

I recommend that once there you put your phone in airplane mode and then manually turn wifi back on. This will keep your phone from searching for a cell signal it will never find (and very rapidly draining your battery), but still allow you to use the only capabilities that will work there.

If you’re using one of the newer phones (not the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2) you can also obtain a local SIM card, and place it in your phone for use while abroad. There is some great information here: International Travel with a Republic Phone


Thanks, mine’s Moto G plus, 4th gen. Thanks for advice airplane mode and wifi settings.

@louisdi - thanks for the short concise description of RW service outside of the US. What you state is exactly how we use our phones in Mexico. Placing the phone in airplane mode and then manually turning on WiFi allows us to get several days of operation on a single charge. Even though our new phones will allow the use of a local SIM, we don’t have a need for local (Mexico) calling so don’t bother with the SIM change. I’ve copied your response as a memory aid for travel outside the US!

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