Travel to Russia; if I buy local sim card, will I have access to gmail over wifi? confused!

What phone do you have? Nexus 6P

What plan are you on? 3

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? everything

Issue Description

While traveling in Europe, I depend solely on wifi for calls home and email. Works great.

Now planning for trip to Russia: I may be a solo traveler some days, so need phone communication. If I get a local sim card, will I lose ability to connect to US via RW’s wifi?


You are asking two different questions.

a) As for your title question regarding gmail
You will have access to gmail on wifi regardless of what SIM is in your phone
RW SIM or Local SIM from Russia.

b) As for your question regarding having the ability to call US numbers while on WiFi
You will need to have the RW SIM in the phone to have this functionality. You can keep swapping the RW SIM and the Local SIM back and forth depending on what functionality you need.


Swapping, yes, of course! But, never having done this, it is reassuring to hear you tell me.

Many thanks!


You’re welcome! Safe Travels! :flight_departure:

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It is possible to buy dual-SIM phones that let you have both a US sim and a local SIM in the phone at the same time. Unfortunately, RW does not currently support any dual-SIM models.


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