Traveling in Peru


Hi All,
I have a Moto Z Play (32GB) phone and I am traveling to Peru for a few weeks. I know I need to get a new SIM card & plan for the time I am there. My questions are:

Does my phone have multiple SIM card slots so I can leave my current SIM card in when I am there?

If I remove my current SIM card, will I still have my contacts and be able to receive texts and calls on my current number?

If I take photos etc. while I ahve the new SIM card in place, will they be on the new card? How will I save them when I put my Republic SIM card back in?



No Republic phone have 2 SIM slots so you will need to remove the Republic SIM to install the local one,
Contacts are link to the Google account [Republic stores no information on SIMs ]
If using Republic Anywhere as the texting app you can still get your Republic number text to US numbers though it while using a different SIM, [calling is in beta so for now to call back to the US you’ll need to put the Republic SIM back in]
Photos are stored on the phone [I recommend using Google Photos to auto back up to the cloud on WiFi]

Please see linked blog


I’m not sure what that means. Does it mean that in Peru with a local SIM card I can’t call the USA? If so, what good does the local SIM card do?


You’ll likely be able to call back to the U.S. but if the Peruvian SIM is resident would be doing so using their service (at their rates) rather than your Republic service. To use your Republic service for exchanging calls with U.S. and Canadian numbers would require that you swap your Republic SIM back into your phone and connect to WiFi (as Republic offers no cellular coverage outside the U.S.).

A Peruvian SIM would give you the ability to exchange calls and text messages with Peruvian numbers and provide cellular access (talk, text and data for Internet) when away from WiFi.


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