Traveling to Colombia


I have several questions in this post.

I’m traveling to Colombia and I have a Moto X4 and I’m wondering if it will work on the cellular network there? It should work on WiFi, correct?

I have read on some travel blogs that people get VPN’s to use, where can I get one, how does it work?

How can I get a user manual for my Moto X4?


Republic does not offer Internation Service.
You can use you RW phone on unrestricted wifi to call USA numbers as if you were at home.
The X4 is an unlocked phne that supports GSM SIM Cards. You can purchase and use a local SIM from one of the cell companies there once you get in to that country. (be sure not to misplace your RW sim as you will need to re-install that once you get back)

Here is some further info:

The manual for your Moto phone is available to download via the manufactures website.
I Googled it for you.


Member authored content like that which you reference while excellent resources are not RW help articles. The content is (in my admittedly biased opinion) often as good or better than official documentation but should not be represented as such.


That’s very helpful! Thanks so much!