Traveling to Japan - can i replace RW SIM with a different SIM card while there?


previously, i’ve rented a data hot spot and kept using my phone as is for calls/texts. wondering if pulling out the RW SIM and purchasing one in Japan would do the trick and keep me connected (calls/texts to US).

it’s not super-clear to me if the preference for wifi comes from the RW SIM or RW app or both. if it does, replacing the SIM might leave me with data access, but no call/text capability? any advice would be appreciated!


Hi @timothyz.by2qr8!

What phone do you have?


I have a Samsung S9


Republic service won’t work even on WiFi unless both the app and SIM are present. What you propose would work but only if you’re willing to swap SIMs between your Republic SIM when wanting to use Republic service on WiFi and a local Japanese provider’s SIM for local cellular service. Details here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


thank you, @rolandh! looks like a hot spot is the way to go, then.