Traveling to puerto vallarta mexico - coverage options?

Hi I’m traveling to puerto vallarta mexico for a week, and unexpectedly I need to have phone service for work, connected to my own phone number. any options out there for republic service? I’m considering switching to google fi if I can’t figure something out

What phone model you have?

Here is the article that should be informative to you

Note, that if you mean Google Fi, you won’t get proper service with them unless you have a 'Designed for Fi" phone, like a Pixel. Other phone models will only get native Tmobile service and have no network switching ability.

I’m afraid not for cellular service. There will be no cell service anywhere outside US with your Republic service. You will have the same service on wifi, as you do at home. Meaning, you can call/text the US/Canada, but not local numbers. There will be no usable emergency calling while there. (If you made an emergency call it would be routed over wifi to a US dispatch center based on your e911 address).

I recommend that once there you put your phone in airplane mode and then manually turn wifi back on. This will keep your phone from searching for a cell signal it will never find (and very rapidly draining your battery), but still allow you to use the only capabilities that will work there.

If you’re using one of the newer phones (not the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2) you can also obtain a local SIM card, and place it in your phone for use while abroad. There is some great information here: International Travel with a Republic Phone

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I’m sorry, but this is just plain incorrect. While in the US other phones on Fi have no network switching ability but they work perfectly for international travel. Source: Done it multiple times myself.

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