Travelling to the US


I will be travelling to the US for a couple of months from Canada and wanted to setup an account. I have an unlocked Samsung Note 8 (SM-N950W) I don’t see that particular model # listed but my phone it seems to cover all the same bands except the CDMA ones. Will this phone still work? Also Can I get the SIM shipped to Canada and then activate over wifi or once I cross the border?

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In order to work with Republic you need to have the North America Factory unlocked model, which is SM-N950U1. No other model will work.

There is no shipping to Canada. Only to the contiguous 48 US states.


just to add Republic is not like other carriers, they are a Hybrid WiFi 1st VOIP with Cell backup provider as such Republic keeps a white-list of phone models and software builds, they do not accept carrier branded or international variants.


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