Trick to get past the Spectrum verification to continue on this glorious and unfettered network


I have a Moto G3 phone. I have Spectrum as my ISP at home, I use a ASUS wireless router, and everything works fine there. It is when I am out in public place that I will sometimes get a triangle with an '!" inside in the upper right corner of the screen. When I pull down the menu I see a “Spectrum WiFi, verification is required before giving you full access to this glorious and unfettered WiFi network” and asks me to “verify now”. Then it wants me to enter my email and my password. What password am I supposed to put in there??? I don’t know what to do and I can’t get past this screen. I’d like to just be able to say “no thanks” I don’t want to use you and get it out of my face and simply convert me to cell usage at that time. Is there a setting I can change in my phone to prevent this from happening or do I have to turn off WiFi on my phone when this occurs so I can go to cell service? I’d prefer not to have to turn off WiFi because I may then forget to turn in back on.

There was another form talking about this “verification”, but it doesn’t answer this question. Thank you!


Here’s some info from Spectrum on how to connect to these hotspots:


To forget a WiFi network such that your phone will not try to connect again, see this short video (the video is of a Samsung phone, but it’s basically the same process: Settings > Wi-Fi > Select and hold on network you want to delete > Forget network):


Well, thank you! I didn’t even know it was a “hotspot” thing (I am obviously not tech saavy). I will try what I learned from the link you sent!

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