Tried to move pict, music, etc to external memory card



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I tried to move my pictures, music, videos to the external memory card. I lost the folders on the internal memory that holds these. But it didn’t move them to the external card. I downloaded software to find deleted files and fortunately salvaged my most important pictures. But now the phone can’t find things. I downloaded a music app and was able to manually find my music, but the app on the phone can not find any music.

When moving things I followed instructions found on the internet. Not sure now what exactly those instructions were as it’s been a couple of weeks ago.

Any ideas what happened and how to fix it?

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I’m thinking you moved the folders to the SD card instead of moving their contents? Does that sound right?

You can make new folders on Internal Storage called Music and Videos. I believe by just taking a picture that will restore the DCIM > Camera folder. Possibly the same will happen if you add Music or a Video, if not create the folder yourself.

When I move things to external storage, I open the source folder and choose All, then choose either copy or move to Internal Storage.

What app are you using? For moving and/coping I prefer to use Android’s Explore feature rather than an 3rd party app.


Thanks for the response.

Recreating the folders on the internal storage would probably work. However, i want to keep all video, photos and music on the external card. How do I get the phone to recognize this is where media is stored?


Here is a video on how to change storage location:


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