Tried to swap phones but SIM card locked

Had a MotoE, just purchased a Moto G4 from amazon (with ads), and Sim card is “Locked”. Power cycle does not clear the problem. Do I have to buy a new SIM card?

Hi @andrewj.iarxtw!

Did you remove the SIM from the Moto E and put it in the G4? If so, then, yes, you will need to buy a new SIM. The SIM card in the Moto E is not compatible with the Moto G4. If the SIM that you put in the G4 was bought from Republic or Amazon (that is it did not come in a phone), then try reseating it. If that doesn’t work, open a help ticket at Republic Help. Hope that helps!


Thanks for the quick reply! Yes I did just transfer it from the Moto E to the G4. Hoped that wasn’t it, but I did try reseating several times.

That’s going to be your problem. The SIM card in the Moto E is NOT compatible with the G4 or any 3.0 BYOD phone. You will need to buy a new one like this: Republic Wireless SIM Starter Kit: Cell Phones & Accessories. That will fix your problem! Don’t worry, you will be able to transfer your number and everything when you get the SIM. Lastly, please place the Moto E SIM back in the phone as it is required to get 4G LTE service (for any future owners ).


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