Trouble activating a used republic phone

I have two used RW phones that I am trying to active for my kids. I have an account and am trying to add the phones to it. When I sign in as an existing customer, it brings me to the “Account Creation” screen, even though I already have an account. My name and address are shown, but the password fields are blank and when I tap them, nothing happens. I can’t move past this screen or do anything within the screen.

Unusual problem. Let’s try the process of elimination. It is not uncommon for people to create, whether on purpose or by accident, two different accounts when they become subscribers. They may create an account in order to post a question in the Community. Then, when they purchase a phone, create a slightly different account during the purchase process. They may not even be entirely aware that they’ve done this. So, to start with, make sure you are logging in with the account under which you purchased your phone. Log into the Account portal and check to see that your current phone is listed as active.

If everything looks good there, the next thing I would suggest is simply using a different Web browser. If you’re using the Microsoft native browser, try using Firefox (the best) browser, or perhaps Chrome. Please let me know if this works.

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