Trouble Activating Samsung S20 Plus

I am trying to activate a new Samsung S20 Plus. I have installed the RW SIM card. The RW app will not install. My Samsung phone keeps asking me if I want to activate the phone > I do so > Reboot but am asked to activate again.

Please help!

  • Your Activation on Republic Wireless is done via the installed app, so if not installed all bets are off.
  • Hopefully others will chime in on the install Republic Wireless app problem

We need more detail. Please describe in as much detail as possible what happens when you attempt to install Republic’s app via Google’s Play Store app on your Galaxy S20 Plus?

It may be a matter of other apps being installed and/or updated during initial setup of the phone with the Republic app patiently waiting its turn. It can take an hour or so for a new phone to update all of its apps when being set up for the first time.

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I followed jben’s instructions and was able to download and install the app and get things up and running. Thank you!!!

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