Trouble answering an incoming call

My wife and I both have Moto X1 build LPA23.12-39-R-19 Android Ver 5.1 and we are both having the same issue.

This does not happen every time but enough to really get annoying.

When a call is incoming, we swipe the screen to answer, it looks as if it starts to answer and it just hangs. Does not answer and mostly locks you out of the phone. I can get out of it by going into settings and shutting off wifi. This is not limited to being on wifi though, it also happens on cell towers.

We don’t have the same apps so no similarities there.

Any help would be appreciated.


Here are some things to try:

Clearing the Cache

Go to Settings, Storage and make sure you have at least 500 Mb of available memory.

See if the problem occurs in Safe Mode

Safe Mode

Message an
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