Trouble connecting to open WiFi hotspots

When walking into a retail store that offers free WiFi, I open settings and WiFi. After scanning for available networks, I click connect. The result is that I can connect but I have no internet connection. I’ve tried opening Chrome to force a connection to WiFi but it uses the cellular service connection. I have no problems with my WiFi connections on my home networks at home and work.

**Old title: **WiFi works on my home network works but it will not connect to the guest Internet at stores like Wal-Mart or JC Penny’s. The WiFi connects with them but states it has no internet connection. This is on a Moto g4 Plus.

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All of those networks require that you accept their terms before they let you through to the Internet. Try going to a web page in your browser and they would pop-up and ask you to accept their terms. If you do not accept them then the Internet will not work.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I try to do. I open Chrome but it does not connect to the guest sign in page. When I check my WiFi settings in Settings, it shows that the phone has connection to the guest wifi but no internet connection. I’m guessing my phone is not accepting the IP address or something that will not allow a full connection.

I’ve had the same issue with my Moto G4+. I was told it was likely due to an app you installed on your phone. Try restarting your phone in safe mode and see if it will connect. It it connects it’s likely due to an app, so then your left with the tedious task of removing the apps one by on4.

On a side note I’m grateful that I’m not the only one having issues with my Moto G4+.

I still have issues connecting to wifi, but it’s better, now I am always seeing arrows in my wifi service that point up & down and are ever changing, not sure what’s causing the problem. On top of that I no longer see an Republic band indicating that I have a connection. Not sure what’s that about either. Honestly, this phone has been nothing but a headache.

Best of luck.

Try typing in the web address of the business or in Chrome’s address bar.

I want to thank everyone for your helpful suggestions. Just connected at a Chick-fil-A with no problems. My phone did an update the other day and maybe they addressed this issue in the update. It’s working now.

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