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I have noticed that if I send several emails, each with a single attached photo, some will go through and the rest will get stuck in the outbox in “uploading” status. Note that this happens while connected to WiFi. Phone is a Pixel 2XL running Android Pie. I select a photo from the gallery, tap the share icon, select Gmail, and send the photo. I then select another photo and do the same thing. In the most recent example (today) I had 18 photos that I wanted to email. I do them one at a time because I am sending them full resolution. The first 8 emails went fine. The last 10 have been stuck for a couple of hours. If I reboot the phone the emails in the outbox change to status “queued”. I pull down on the screen to refresh it and they chage back to “uploading” and then actually start sending properly again.

Is this a problem with the Gmail app? Or with RW?


If this is at home on your WiFi, I would suggest the following (as you likely have a slow upload link and your hi-rez uploads are choking up)

  • Check Android Settings/Network & internet show for Signal strength & Frequency (when you drill down to the Details?
  • Re-boot your network (how to is in Quick Check 1 of Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide
    • Once the reboot has totally completed, check Settings again and see if any change?

I just ran a speed test and I have 11.2 Mbps upload speed (and 115 down, although that’s not relevant), so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Settings shows signal strength as Excellent (I’m sitting right by the Wifi point).

I should also note that I have experienced exactly the same scenario when emailing multiple photos on other networks (my son’s house. my daughter’s house). All of us have high speed Internet.

Are you hitting the attachment size limit? See:

It’s possible that Gmail may also enforce a daily quota limit, but I’m not able to find documentation of such. I pretty much share all my photos through Google Photos.


It’s not an attachment size limit. And it can’t be a daily quota limit because I can get all of the emails/photos to send if I reboot the phone when it stalls out.

There’s a Gmail Help community at:

I don’t see any way this could be a Republic Wireless issue.

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There is always the chance that this is caused by a 3rd party app interfering with the normal IP stack code causing the hang. To help rule this out, you could boot up in Safe Mode, however for your particular phone this will also prevent the proper operation of Republics App (but it will be restored on subsequent re-boot)

I should have noted that this also happens on my wife’s Pixel XL.

Seems like it may be a Gmail app problem, so I’ll start researching that.

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