Trouble moving from Moto G5 Plus to Samsung A51 via Smart Switch

Moto G5 Plus (old), Samsung A51 (new)

$20/mo. 1Gb

Data, talk, & text

Issue Description

I downloaded Smart Switch and tried to connect with Smart Switch via wifi. After several attempts, both phones are still saying that they cannot connect, despite the fact that I am standing right next to the access point.

I cannot afford to try much more; the old phone is down to 22% and it cannot be charged, due to a problem with the charging port and/or battery. I also do not have a cable that can connect the two phones, so wifi is my only option.

What steps should I take, considering that I may only be able to make 2 or 3 more attempts before the old phone’s battery dies?


Hi @gehringer,

If you skip Smart Switch, (or you may have to start over) you will be offered the opportunity to set up the new phone from a backup in the cloud.

Assuming you allowed the old phone to back up to the cloud, that would be the way to go.

There are additional tips here:

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I did back it up to the cloud. However, text messages were not backed up, and possibly other backups, including files, are not up to date. So it seems safer to use the switch application.

Does anyone have an idea of why it might not have been able to connect?

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Hi @gehringer

I don’t use any of the programs that switch you over to a new phone. I move to my new phone by syncing it to the same Google account I have on my old phone. This moves Gmail, Contacts, Drive, Notes, and all my preferences when using Google services.

Until you get a response from someone who does, to move your texts over, you need to use an app.

Here is a link to an app used by many of the folks here, including myself:

Install the app on both phones. On the old phone, back up the texts to Google Drive. On the new phone, restore them from Google Drive.

If your texts are important, it is recommended that you back them up periodically.

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Thank you for that suggestion.

As to why I can’t connect the phones using Smart Switch, I subsequently had trouble connecting my tablet to my home wifi. I rebooted the router and then was able to connect my tablet. Alas, I did not try to connect the phones right away, and when I did try again, they would not connect.

So I wonder, will Smart Switch tell me when my phone connects to wifi? Or will it only report success when it connects to the other phone? I hope it will tell me when it connects to wfi, so I can troubleshoot the network before turning on the phone whose battery is dying.

How can I tell when Smart Switch connects the first phone to the network (if it is possible to tell)?


To summarize, I now have several ways to try to switch phones.

  1. I can figure out what’s wrong with my home wifi (if that’s the problem), then connect the phones via Smart Switch.
  2. I can get a cable to connect the phones using Smart Switch. I just ordered the cable, but this won’t help if the charging port on the old phone is bad (it is either the charging port or the battery).
  3. I can take the phone to somewhere where there’s a public wifi network that I know is working and try to connect the phones via Smart Switch.
  4. I can download SMSBackupRestore to the phones and then back up my text messages, but this might use too much power (and there are also some files that aren’t backed up).
    Any thoughts on these, or other suggestions?


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