Trouble sending and receiving texts off WiFi

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Pixel 2

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$15 plan

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No Data

Issue Description

I’m having issues sending and receiving texts when I’m off Wi-Fi. I got back from Indonesia a few weeks ago, so I wonder if the problem is related to that.

Hi @dc_shaheen and welcome back from your trip. Can we assume that you can make calls and the problem is texts only?

You could start by refreshing the Republic Wireless activation - How to Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation – Republic Help

And not sure what settings might have been changed during travel. But as a reminder Cell data must be left on in the Android settings even if you don’t have data on your plan or you’ve run of data. With it turned off texts will fail and calling may fail.

Try the refresh and let’s go from there.


I refreshed and it sent a text. But I did not refresh my wife’s Moto X4 and her’s also sent a text. Now that I think about it, it has been intermittent. Sometimes at work this last week texts send and receive just fine off WiFi, but other times not. Could it have something to do with RCS rollout?

Hi @dc_shaheen,

No. What you are describing would not be related to any changes due to Google’s RCS rollout.

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@dc_shaheen Are you still having this issue. If so, did you notice any trends as to when it works? Certain locations? Certain wifi networks?

@louisdi I actually do still have the issue. It is intermittent when I am off WiFi. Sometimes it will happen when I’m at work and sometimes it’s fine. It happened last weekend for a little bit when I was at a family members house. I can’t pinpoint any patterns. I guess my only thought was that the Sprint network in my area isn’t always great? It happens with SMS and MMS, and it also happens to my wife’s Moto X4.

Let’s see if we can look at coverage. On your phone can you please open the Republic App, click the little gear at the top and then About. What does it say there for “SIM Type”? Can you also share your ZIP code?

GSM, zip is 90815

Ok, so first, you’re not using Sprint, but T-Mobile as the network partner. That said though, the T-Mobile coverage in the area looks pretty great. Can you try and pay attention when you have this issue to signal bars? Both the signal strength and if there’s a little “x” on them by chance?

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I have noticed the little ‘x’ over the bars when it’s happening.

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