Trouble sending text to one specific phone number

I use my Republic phone for work and have to text a fair amount.
I have one co-worker’s phone that I get an error every time I send a text.

The error says something like:
You must use a valid SMS number in the US and Canada.

Like all the other company phones, it’s an iphone on the Verizon network.
I have no problems with any of the others.

I is a local number on a local exchange.

I am using the default message app.
If I go into messages, it says nit sent. Tap to try again.

I need to communicate with this coworker multiple times daily

The usual remedy to this is:

  1. Remove the contact for that number from your phone
  2. Delete any current text thread with that number
  3. Manually try and send a new text, entering the 10 digit number by hand.

Assuming that works, you can then add a contact back.

Sounds like a 10-digit vs 7-digit issue. Trying item 3 in @louisdi’s recommendations should hopefully clear that out quickly.

Seems to be working now.
Hopefully, it will stick.
Thanks for your help

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