Trouble texting using cellular data?

I’ve had my Republic Wireless Unlimited Talk/Text (No Data) plan for a few days now. Last Saturday, I completed a number transfer from my old carrier (Verizon), and everything has been going smoothly, except for one thing: I am unable to send text messages when I am out of Wi-Fi range. I have made calls when not on Wi-Fi with no problems. It was my understanding that I could use cellular data to text as well as talk on the phone.

Just to repeat, I do not pay for mobile data, but am subscribed to the unlimited Talk/Text plan with a Moto G4 phone. I have gone through all the troubleshooting tutorials, and Google Messenger is my default texting app. Anything you can tell me would be helpful!

Your phone needs access to cellular data to make texting work. This is included in your basic charge so you don’t need to buy any cellular data. You said you went through the troubleshooting section and it still doesn’t work.

So at this point you will need to open a support ticket to see what is causing this issue. Use the chat line for faster service. Open a ticket at the bottom of this page. Republic Help

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I see the chat line is not currently available. So I would title my ticket “phone not working.”

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