Trouble using data

I have a Samsung j7. I have had trouble today and yesterday using data while I was out. Wifi is fine but I needed to be able to look some things up when Wifi wasn’t available and couldn’t. Is it just me? I had over 1 gig available. Even though it hasn’t connected to anywhere, it still used a good chunk of my data while trying.

Hi @donj.xf5cjk,

We’re not seeing similar reports from others.

I was thinking perhaps there’s a tower outage in your area, until I read this:

So you’re seeing data consumed in the last couple of days, but you’re not able to use the browser to browse the internet? If data is being consumed, that would suggest there’s no tower outage.
Are you able to load e-mail when away from WiFi?
What does it look like when things fail? Are you seeing any error message?
Are you using Chrome or the Samsung browser?

Have you made sure your apps are all up to date?
Have you rebooted the phone recently?

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