Trouble with Bluetooth pairing

Phone: Moto G4 play, Android 7.1

1GB plan

Issue Description

I’m having trouble pairing my phone with a wireless headset. The headset is in pairing mode, but does not show up on hte list of available devices.

Well, at least I think it doesn’t show up - -the list of available devices is all indecipherable MAC numbers, i.e. 4E:3A:28:B8:06:42, etc… nothing I can identify as my headset.

I did, just for the heck of it, try to pair each of the MAC devices, but none worked.

I was able to pair the headset with an iphone and could see that it does have an identifiable name.

Any idea as to what is happening here?

Hi @johng.6r5jad - sorry that no one has sent any suggestions. Many of the Google searches recommend a complete reset of network settings. Here’s an RW document for doing a reset.

Please read the notes in the document and decide if it’s worth a try. This assumes you have not made any headway in your troubleshooting. Hope this helps!


If you don’t mind sharing the name/model of the headset we can help you locate additional info about it.

Hi @johng.6r5jad,

Any luck getting your bluetooth pairing issue resolved using the suggestions provided by @freddyp?

Thanks for following up. I tried the reset, but no luck (and no change in the phone’s behavior. I’m really stumped. I took the phone into Best Buy where they were able to pair it with some speakers (but not my headset. The headset is a Sony WI-SP500 and I have been able to pair it with an iphone, so it seems to work.

I recommend trying this

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Genius… it worked! Thank you.


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