Trouble with (hospital) guest wifi access

From time to time, mostly at hospitals, when access their guest wifi, I don’t stay connected for long, and am quickly back on cell, using my data without realizing it. Does this sound like a problem with my phone, my settings or their systems? Just curious as

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I would take a guess that in the hospital situation, as you move around the building the cell becomes a better signal than the hospitals WiFi.

Try using Data Freeze while in that type of situation. That will keep your data from being used. Here is how to activate it:

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I was a patient this time, visitor in the past, not moving around. My phone simply wouldn’t keep the connection. I was wondering whether it’s a setting or instrument issue on my part or if these systems are a bit buggy. Thanks.

One of the big hospital systems in my area (Inova) has the same issue that you’ve described. Navigating the captive portal gets you on and then just a little while later, off again, and then you have to do the captive portal again and over and over it goes.

I actually called Inova about this. Their explanation was that the system was old and buggy and they were replacing it. In Inova Fairfax, unsurprisingly, the guest Wifi worked perfectly.

But I had to go thru several layers of support to get that answer. And you’d think rather than offer a system that just didn’t work, they’d take it down until the replacement was in place.

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