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I have a Moto G4 Play and I am having trouble with the ring volume going to zero. Is there any way to lock the setting to what I like (full volume). There is one thing I noticed, I have Privacy Star downloaded and it seems that when it blocks a call my ring volume goes to zero. I would appreciate help with this issue.



It sounds like you may need to contact the authors of the Privacy Star app. I’m not familiar with that app, but, if it turns down the volume by design, perhaps there is a setting within the app to disable that action. Otherwise, putting the phone where something can depress the volume down button, like coins or keys in your pants pocket, it is always going to have the possibility of inadvertently lowering the volume. So, my suggestions are 1) consult with the app’s author, 2) dig into the app’s settings to see if you can disable automatic lowering of the volume, or why it does that, and 3) be more aware of things that can accidentally depress the volume down button, which will always lower the volume and cannot be disabled.


Hi @dennisb.zyodtq
Is it possible a case you have on the phone is pinching the vol. button? My wife’s phone is a G5+ and her case plastic/nylon was too tight on the silicone covering the buttons. I had to dremel the slot wider & longer to free the vol buttons up.


As has been suggested, check the settings on the app. it’s possible there is a setting that is causing this.

To contact the developer: OR
depending on which app you’re using.

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