Trouble with wifi calls

Phone: Moto X 1st Gen
Plan: Refund/ .5 GB
Services: Talk/text/data

Since about mid February I can only intermittently make calls over Wifi. Trouble: When I place a call: first I don’t hear ringing… then the phone app will eventually prompt “number unreachable”. When I hang up to exit out of that call, the call never actually hangs-up, the app just freezes. I also notice that the phone app is missing the phone-symbol-with-plus-sign icon from the dialer screen during these events.

So, then I need to power-cycle to get out of that.

Once I power back up, I’ve (through trial and error) have found I have to force the phone into CELL, then CELL/Wifi to be able to place a call.

fwiw-- over these past several weeks I have repeated followed the RW protocol for: cache wipes… RW credential resets… PRL update… Cellular Settings Wipes… AND Profile update. None of this helps.

The most recent Republic Updater has been installed ( FUNNY THING-- I just noticed under the RW app’s “wifi settings” is says 'CURRENTLY IN BETA".

I was under the impression that that updater was NOT a beta.

Everything else with the phone works fine over Wifi (email, chrome, youtube, etc). I just can’t make calls reliably-- very disconcerting.

I’ve searched posts and community and couldn’t seem to find a solution. What say you???

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