Troubleshooting: keep losing dial tone/connection

A couple of times this week, I have noticed that my ATA’s lights are off. Only the power light is illuminated and sure enough, I have no dial tone. I have to reboot the device by either unplugging the Ethernet cable (that connects to my router) or unplug the power cord and then cycles back up and the dial tone returns.

Now I mentioned before that my power cord seems to be wonky and if it’s jarred a bit, it loses the power connection ( haven’t had a chance to swap out the power cord with another cable as its a whole production due to the location of my power strip) . However, the last few times I have lost the dial tone, the power is clearly on. Not sure if power disconnected for a bit but shouldn’t it reboot automatically once power returns?

The landline is mainly for my kids when we are not home and i am a bit worried the device isn’t reliable in it’s connection.

Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this issue. Thanks in advance.

Could you try to keep a log of when you catch it in this state? I’ll be glad to submit the instances to the engineers so they can see if they seen any reason for the disconnects.

Have you picked up the phone when it’s in this state? Last weekend ours was exhibiting similar behavior and Mr. Southpaw said he heard an audio error, but I didn’t get the exact verbiage.

@mvictoria621 - I’d recommend you start by addressing the power cord that you said seems a little wonky. Until you replace the power cord it will be hard to make other recommendations to fix the issue. If it is power, then it’s possible that a short power drop could cause the ATA to hang and not go into a reboot and not be operational. Intermittent power can do all kinds of strange things.

Once you eliminate a possible power cord problem then logging like @southpaw suggests would be the next step.


I think you are right. I switched the power cord and already the connection seems more secure. Will see if this stops the disconnects.

It was difficult finding an cord that was as long as the original cord provided. New cell phone charging cords are much smaller than they used to be. My more recent ones are super short!

I just switched power cords and already the new cord fit in more securely than the cord provided with the ATA. Hoping this solves the issue but if not, I will keep track of it.

This last one happened sometime today. I didn’t notice if it was off when I left with this morning but it was off at 6pm EST. Silence on the phone the last couple it has happened.

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