Trying for 3 hours to transfer data, SMS texts, etc from Rep Moto G2 to Moto G5, no progress


This is frustrating. The #1 thing phone users want to to is transfer there old data, pics, text msgs, and phone book to new one. The little manual got with my nice looking G5 today does not even mention the topic, says follow the phone prompts.

OK did that it had a plan to bluetooth it from one to other. I followed instructions and it did see the old phone, and had the right code and said to do it. It tried 30 secs then said it could not work, that repeated twice. Then fourth time it seemed to work, said transferring data, came back in 5 mins still working, then 30 mins, then an hour. Said it was still working but doubted that was true. At that point figured it was not working so only option had was to “setup phone from scratch as new phone” And sure enough it had no data, only google phone list if I started typing in a name.

So not one text came across. Then went on this site and saw Motorola Migrate which sounds good, but no longer exists!.

Then saw this link on this Rep site and downloaded it so as to tranfer via two usb cables from one to the other, fire it up then it warns me that it will only transfer 20 text msgs unless you buy a registered version. So you have to buy software to transfer your texts??

I have used cell phones for 25 years. It has always been a pain to transfer, when is this industry ever going to get their act together. I thought it had until the built in system failed.

Please help, thanks.



I have read that, and did happen to install SMS backup on old G2 last week. Maybe it will work.

But things are worse than thought. I have no text messages although thru google it can see the phone book, so sent text to friend to send back to see if I could get 1 yext on phone, It said I needed to select a Sim card, I tried to make a phone call and it said “cellular network is not availible” so I have a totally inoperable phone now.

Why does not republic have a simple 2 minute video on how to set up a new phone, or do they? Am disgusted right now, am looking on youtube etc trying to figure out how to get the phone to work and to transfer data to it.

Being the phone can not send text or phone others is that related to the fact it does not have old text msgs or a separate problem?


well found the bigger activation guide in box the moto g5 came in maybe it will solve issues. Found a big issue, without the 4x8" manual found it was hopeless, but with it progress. First biggie, it had note sim already installed and it was. But appears from diagrams to have been in backwards with notch out not in. I just switched it. See instructions to load republic wireless from playstore, will see if there or not already but at least have a manual now.

OK the good, moto G5 is the easiest phone have ever seen to get cover off, put new battery in etc. Big advancement of many phone with glued in batteries etc.

My phone is now activating, maybe other problems go away now. The activation guide was not apparent at all it was face down.

further update: the phone works has contacts but no sms history. The factory put the SIM in backwards, notch in and it works.


Hi @danaa.011v24,

There are third-party apps in the play store that will allow you to move your text message history from one phone to another. @c1tobor has recommended one in the article that @SpeedingCheetah linked in an earlier reply to you.

Thanks for letting us know the SIM card was installed incorrectly. That’s not done at the factory, but at our fulfillment center, just before the phone ships. I’ll be sure to get word to the team that they need to take care to install the SIM card correctly, or else it’s no use to install it at all.


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