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Somebody said they were looking for a used phone and ALL I was
saying that I had one I wasn’t using. It is just sitting here. I
might have stayed with Republic, but they say they now have no
phones that are compatible with our area. Strange, they were
compatible when I bought them. The SIM card for the phone is within
the casing. Does that not make it encased, or do I have my
terminology wrong. My Moto E 5G has a tray. Are you guys talking to
each other or am I trying to explain this all individually?


Feel free to remove my post. It has obviously been taken way out of


Hi @jeffb.bgnkq0,

You posted in our Member Community, and although you are seeing our replies by E-mail, the conversation, including your replies by E-mail, is taking place in the Member Community at

We offer coverage through two national cellular service providers. When you used to have coverage, your phone was probably bought directly from Republic and had a CDMA SIM card - allowing it access to a network that does have coverage in your area. The Moto E5 Play accepts only our GSM SIM card, and I am guessing that’s the network that does not have coverage in your area. If you looked into buying a SIM card from us for any phone you buy elsewhere, our website will evaluate your coverage for that GSM SIM card. Some phones are able to take the CDMA SIM card, so if coverage is a problem they can be moved to the CDMA carrier for the same coverage you enjoyed previously.

I’m sorry you didn’t know about the two carriers. We could have possibly helped you make a purchasing decision when you bought your new phone that would have allowed you to continue to enjoy the same coverage you enjoyed on your old phone.


I have always gotten good responses from the Republic Community. I
was having problems with the Moto G, possible a program running in
the background. and wanted to upgrade it through Republic. None of
their currently available phones are compatible in our area. I have
switched to Consumer Cellular.


That’s interesting, since Consumer Cellular uses one of the same carriers we use. If you’d like me to send you a SIM card so you can try us again, just let me know.


So I bought the phone and tried installing my sim card but it says it’s not supported by Republic. Are there any options or things to try?


Will do, thanks. My wife is still using Republic.


Hi @alisonp.criu3n!

Unfortunately, if Republic says that the phone is not supported, than the phone model is not supported. Short of flashing firmware to it, there is nothing you can do to make it supported. Your best bet would be to return it and buy a supported phone. Please see this guide and this list of compatible phones .

We will be glad to check the model number for you though. I see from above that you were interested in the S8. Did you end up buying the S8? If so, do you know what model it is or the full SKU?


I did try to buy a supported phone. It appears that the model is different than what was advertised. Can anyone tell me…if the model listed on the phone itself only says SM-G95OU…no 1 or anything following those numbers, is that standard? Or is that telling me that it wasn’t the model SM-G95OU1?


Hi @alisonp.criu3n!

Yes. Apparently, the U version (without the 1) is carrier locked to T-Mobile (although it can be unlocked). Take a look over here on XDA:■■■■ .


If the model on the phone lacks the “1” it means that isn’t the factory unlocked version of the phone, but rather a carrier version. Does it boot up with a carrier logo?


Yes, it booted up with T Mobile’s logo. That’s what I was afraid of.

The listing clearly says a compatible model SM-G95OU1 as does the receipt. But the box and the phone say something entirely different. It also clearly says Unlocked. It was one from the links above that someone helped me with earlier.


I;m sorry, I couldn’t get that link to work.


Hmm… interesting. I would return it. You have basis to do so since they inaccurately described the phone. Where did you buy it? Sorry about the link. Apparently, the page doesn’t exist on XDA anymore but I can view it from a Google search…


Even if it could be unlocked it wouldn’t be compatible with Republic. And the U version is every carrier version, not just T-Mobile.


Correct. I was just saying that although it’s carrier locked, it could be unlocked for use on compatible carriers besides T-Mobile.


Try this link.


Hi @alisonp.criu3n,

SM-G950U (without the 1) is the U.S. carrier (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) locked variant of Samsung’s Galaxy S8. It may be carrier unlocked, however, that won’t be sufficient to get it working with Republic. Short of flashing the U.S. factory unlocked firmware (doable but not easy), there is no way to make that phone compatible with Republic.

You do indeed need to source model SM-G9650U1) as that’s the factory unlocked model compatible with Republic. Factory unlocked and carrier unlocked are not the same thing. This article from @louisdi is, in my opinion, the best guidance for sourcing Republic compatible phones: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.


Hi @alisonp.criu3n,

If what you received was different from what the listing and receipt show, please contact the seller on Swappa. I’ve found Swappa to be excellent about making sure both buyers and sellers are “playing by the rules.”

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