Trying to check voicemails from another phone

I have been trying to check voicemails from another phone. After pressing * and typing my PIN, I am only able to record my name, record a greeting, and change my PIN. I am unable to listen to any messages. Is there a way to fix this?

According to this help article, you should be able to.

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Maybe u do not have any messages?

The problem is that the voicemail system does not ask me if I want to listen to my messages. What it does instead is automatically play my messages if I have any, and do nothing if I don’t.

Hi @WorfSonOfMogh,

This is how the system is designed. Perhaps the developers assumed that if you did not want to listen to your messages, you would not be dialing in to Voicemail, so there was no reason to add another step.

If you’re hearing only the Voicemail configuration options, then you do not have messages to play.

I have 250 messages and I can’t access them. I have to use another phone , because I don’t have the cell phone ,

There is another problem with the voice mail system .

Hi @kellyk.etehii,

I’m not quite understanding what you’re describing. Why can’t you access the voicemail messages?

I’m having the same problem as the other person. When I call my phone and hit the * button, I don’t get a prompt to listen to messages. It just starts recording a message . I have 250 messages in my box. Can’t listen to them!

If it starts recording, how do you know you have 250 messages in your inbox? (Not trying to sound like I’m challenging you, just trying to understand the situation.)

Did you ever set up your voicemail PIN on the phone?

Where is the phone?

When in the call are you pressing the * button? Are you waiting until the ringing stops and pressing the * once the voicemail greeting starts talking?

Because when I call it from the cell phone it says I have 250 messages, it’s too tedious to click on each message on the phone and I don’t have the phone anymore . It’s lost. I should be able to access my messages from a land line , but it is not working .

Yes I set up a pin, I’ve checked my VM remotely before, it just is not working now

Thanks @kellyk.etehii,

I’ve tested a couple of different phones and cannot duplicate what you’re experiencing, but we have multiple voicemail servers. Let’s see if someone else on the same server you’re on can duplicate what you’re experiencing.

@selfruler, @jumphour, would you be willing to try an experiment?

First, leave yourself a voicemail message or two. Then try calling in from another phone listen to it. Dial your number, and when the voicemail greeting begins, press *.
After you press * does it just try to record a message, or does it prompt you for the PIN?

@kellyk.etehii, no real reason to wait for their results. Please open a ticket and let our technicians know you are experiencing this issue.

I called from my house phone & left myself 4 voicemails. When I pressed *, I got the prompt for the PIN, and got my voicemails.

Thanks @jumphour!

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i tried what you told me which is to leave myself a message and then try checking it. it is doing the same thing.
I hit *, don’t get a prompt to enter voicemail, and then it beeps .

the only thing the * button is doing is by passing the outgoing greeting.

@southpaw Sorry to be a bit slow in responding! I left myself a couple of voicemails. When I called in from another phone, I pressed * and I was prompted for my PIN. I was able to get my voicemails.

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Thanks @selfruler and @jumphour. It seems this may be an account-specific issue that would require a ticket to resolve.

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